Brand Ambassadors Program

POSH MX Brand Ambassadors get paid to create beautiful content and engaging posts to share with their audience on Instagram. As a POSH MX Brand Ambassador, you can earn 10% commission when your visitors buy from poshmx.com. The POSH MX Brand Ambassadors program is available to Instagram Influencers:

Benefits of becoming a POSH MX Brand Ambassador:

  • Exclusive discounts on POSH MX lingerie and swimwear

  • Earn free POSH MX products

  • Entry into our exclusive Brand Ambassador monthly giveaways

  • Earn 10% commission every time someone purchases from POSH MX with your custom coupon code

  • Insider access to our launches of new products

  • First notice of flash sales

  • Features on our official Instagram pages – @poshmx and @poshmxlingerie

We have a passion for luxury. Inspired by our passion for all things beautiful and luxurious, we designed POSH MX to express the beautiful luxury associated with our lingerie products. We are a dedicated design team which has worked with major retailers in North America for over a decade. Inspired by Paris, our corporate office is located in San Francisco.


The most beautiful lingerie. Absolutely ravishing and takes your breath away with its gorgeous perfection. Designed to be a risque luxury for your bedroom.


We pay our POSH MX Brand Ambassadors 10% affiliate commission on all net sales (excluding gift cards, shipping, taxes and returns) which use your custom coupon code. We pay monthly via PayPal. Bespoke commission rates with top performing Brand Ambassadors.

Completion Date

Our goal is to make it easy for POSH MX Brand Ambassadors to work with us. Communication is key for both sides so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more time to finish a post or run into a problem. The Completion Date is simply a guideline and it’s more important to create an amazing post than to create a post in a rush. And we welcome creative and innovative suggestions to improve our brand and marketing.

Content to License

POSH MX Brand Ambassadors agree that POSH MX licenses all content for the POSH MX channels. The POSH MX Brand Ambassador still owns the content but grants POSH MX an irrevocable license to use the content on the POSH MX website, social media channels, print and any advertising channels.

Who owns the content?

For Instagram Stories campaigns, the POSH MX Brand Ambassador owns the content being posted, as it’s been generated by them with POSH MX gifting product or paying to be featured within the POSH MX Brand Ambassador’s social media post. In this situation, POSH MX can share an POSH MX Brand Ambassador’s post within the social media platform it is posted to and all POSH MX websites, but must get the Influencer’s express approval before using the content for any advertising outside of that.

Choice of Post Style

We understand that some girls are shy about wearing lingerie on Instagram. Our Creative Director prefers to wear her lingerie collection in her bedroom, only for her boyfriend’s private viewing. Instead of modelling our lingerie, POSH MX Brand Ambassadors may choose to post a POSH MX product photo or create a video of POSH MX product photos on their Instagram. And all POSH MX Brand Ambassadors will receive free lingerie for their own personal lingerie collection.

Sample Post

Love the beautiful lingerie at POSH MX! ♥ Shop at @poshmx and use my coupon code “Instagram Username” to receive 20% off your next purchase! ♥ #poshmx #lingerie #promotion

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Brand Ambassador!

POSH MX Brand Ambassadors get paid to create beautiful content and engaging posts to share with their audience on Instagram. As a POSH MX Brand Ambassador, you can earn 10% commission when your visitors buy from our eCommerce store.



    Beautiful lingerie. My boyfriend had the best evening ever!


    Very sexy lingerie. I bought POSH MX lingerie for my girlfriend and she was so happy. She thanked me properly in the bedroom that night..


    Gorgeous lingerie. I love the panties. Feels luxurious and sexy.


    My girlfriend surprised me with the POSH MX crotchless panties. We didn’t sleep all night.


    I love POSH MX lingerie. The bras make me feel so sexy and adventurous in the bedroom.



    Surprise your love with the POSH BOX delivered monthly for $50 per month and free shipping!

    Save 25% with purchase of an annual subscription.

    POSH BOXES may have a beautiful bra & panty set or a luxury lace teddy or a sweet babydoll or a gorgeous panty or more! Retail value of $100 or more for each POSH BOX.