The POSH way to shop on Black Friday

Posh girls (and guys) know from experience that shopping on Black Friday can be both rewarding (to your designer wallet) and stressful. This is the best time of the year to buy Christmas gifts for your love, family, and friends at the lowest prices of the season. And more importantly, finding the special gift for yourself! Maybe you’ve been wanting the latest Kate Spade bag or the new Apple iPad Pro.
Black Friday - Keep Calm and Go Shopping

Let’s start to prepare for Black Friday!

1. Map out exactly which stores you plan to go to. and find out what time they open on Black Friday morning. Set your alarm for an early wake up time so that you can leisurely shower and have coffee to mentally prepare for a grueling day. Start with the stores which are the most popular to avoid line-ups later in the day when the stores get busy. For myself, I usually choose one major shopping area which has all of the stores that I prefer. I live in Vancouver so I usually shop at Pacific Centre and Robson Street on Black Friday.
2. Wear comfortable flat shoes, preferably slip-ons. Comfort and time are important on this day, as you don’t want to wear yourself out too early nor waste any time zipping your boots or tying your shoes while trying on those beautiful Christian Louboutins on sale.
3. Wear something simple such as a camisole top and a short skirt with leggings. Why? Because Black Friday is notorious for long line-ups in the dressing rooms. Easier and faster to be able to try clothes on top of whatever you are wearing. Layer your clothing as you will not feel the cold while rushing from store to store. If the stores has a refund policy for Black Friday shopping, then just buy whatever you see and figure out what you want to keep later at home when you’re relaxed.
4. Bring your Starbucks Rewards card. Carrying water is fine but it can be heavy which will slow you down. So it’s often easier to just buy a coffee at Starbucks while shopping. Plus you will need the caffeine for an energy boost during the day. This year, Starbucks Seasonal Frappuccinos are the limited-edition flavors – Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulée Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, Gingerbread Latte, and Eggnog Latte. My favorite is the Caramel Brulée Latte Frappuccino!
5. Forget about lunch. Eating is for unprofessional Black Friday shoppers. That hour wasted on eating could be the time that some other shopper snatches up your dream purchase. Plenty of time to eat AFTER you finish all of your Black Friday shopping. The only exception to this is if you bring your boyfriend with you for Black Friday shopping in which case, you will need to ensure that he eats lunch to avoid the grumpy, complaining boyfriend who asks “Are you finished shopping yet?”. The best scenario is when your boyfriend also loves shopping.
6. Charge your iPhone! This is important because you will need your phone to check websites to see if the store is offering the best price or should you buy the item in another store. Your girl friends will be messaging you with photos of what they just bought and telling you where the sales are. And, your Facebook newsfeed will be full of which stores are having sales. I charge my iPhone the night before and of course, I bring a power bank to charge my iPhone when it inevitably runs out of battery later in the day. This year, I bought the Fur Ball Power Bank because it’s so soft and cute.
7. The most RELAXING way to shop on Black Friday is of course, online. Best Buy has great deals on electronics such as iPhones, laptops, video games, etc. And it’s easy to comparison shop online. Advance preparation should include making sure your VISA credit card is already “Verified by VISA” so that your online purchase goes through faster in the checkout process. Unfortunately, a lot of websites do not hold the items in your shopping cart until you finish perusing the website. If a popular item, such as the latest gaming console, has a great low price, then fly through the checkout process as fast as you can before another shopper finishes their checkout. I missed a great deal on the Sony Playstation 4 because I took my time typing in my credit card number. Which brings up another important thing you must do before Black Friday. Login to your Best Buy account and ensure that your information is correct and that you have a credit card on your account. That extra 2 minutes typing in your credit card number and expiry date could easily mean you have lost your item to a faster shopper.
8. Pre-shopping is probably the most important thing you can do to prepare for Black Friday. After you see the flyers, go to your favorite stores and see what you wish to buy BEFORE Black Friday. Be nice to the salespersons in the stores and ask them how many of each iPad Pro or whatever the store will have in stock on Black Friday. You should also pre-shop online. Go to your favorite websites and check out what will be on sale for Black Friday. Most websites will clear all shopping carts online before Black Friday so you probably won’t be able to save your favorite sale items in your shopping carts. The key is to prepare in advance. Black Friday is similar to going to war. So prepare your armor and be ready for battle. And the websites will crash from too many customers being online simultaneously, so keep calm and use your iPhone as backup (though the apps will probably crash, too).
9. Reward yourself with wine or Godiva chocolate (or both!) after a busy day of shopping. Take tomorrow off or at least sleep in before checking out Saturday’s deals.
POSH MX Christmas Stocking Stuffers - Godiva Chocolate Truffles
10. Don’t forget Cyber Monday sales! A lot of websites have great deals online. And I also shop at Best Buy on Boxing Day (December 26th) in Canada!
Happy Black Friday shopping, everyone! And if you don’t find everything on your Christmas list on Black Friday in the shopping malls, relax at home and shop at POSH MX for beautiful lingerie for yourself! Or purchase a POSH MX Gift Card!
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